The Wiz at Cadillac Palace Theatre

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Cadillac Palace | Chicago, Illinois

The Wiz

Are you in with the know? Well, the legendary musical The Wiz is BACK touring the US for winter, 2023 and it'll be one magical night! Showing at the premier venue around, the unbilevibly outstanding Cadillac Palace of Chicago, Illinois - the perfect spot to make a day of it! Scribble Wednesday 6th December 2023 in your planner, you will be having the time of your life! So gift your family a set of tickets, it'll be well worth it! To purchase, Click 'get tickets' now! Do not miss your chance!

What do you expect at a musical? A cast of triple threats and more? Is it the way you feel when you visit or when you leave? Are you a fan of a cast member? Whatever you adore one thing is for're going to have the time of your life! The Wiz announcing a tour for winter, 2023 is going to do just that! What an exciting prospect! Want to know what venue The Wiz will be at? You guessed it the stunning Cadillac Palace, Chicago, Illinois. Reviews are top notch, its easy the best theatre around! Book Wednesday 6th December 2023 off if you haven't already! Fans are rushing to purchase tickets! Purchasing is easy, just follow the link on this page, today! The kids will love it!

The Wiz at Cadillac Palace

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