With just over 2000 seats the Cadillac Palace Theatre offers a cosy environment for Broadway shows, with a variety of seating options to cater to everyones taste, there’s no reason why you won’t enjoy your favorite broadway show. The seating chart below is split into 6 zones. This includes premium seating at the front of the theatre directly in line with the stage. Make sure you arrive early as possible to ensure easy access to your seat, ensure you use this seating chart to find your booked seats with ease. Enjoy your show!


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The Cadillac Palace Theatre brings Broadway hits, premieres, and shows to life, delivering a front-row experience for every seat in the house. With just over 2000 seats split into six sections, the venue offers a cozy environment for all your favorite shows. From premium seats in line with the stage to the balcony offering a killer view, there’s a ton of choices to match your preference and budget! Whether you’re all about that up-close action or digging the full show panorama, the Cadillac Palace Theatre has got you covered. Just pick your seat, kick back, and get ready for a performance that’s gonna be remembered for years to come!

Accessible Seating

For patrons needing wheelchair-accessible seating, the venue has 90 wheelchair spaces. For accessible seating, please call the box office at 312-977-1700 ext. 1259. There is access to the elevator on all levels of the theater.