Back To The Future – Theatrical Production at Cadillac Palace Theatre

Back To The Future - Theatrical Production Tickets

Cadillac Palace | Chicago, Illinois

Are you looking for something smashing to do this summer? Are you ready to travel back to the past? Then join Marty McFly and Doc Brown this Thursday 15th August 2024 when Back To The Future - Theatrical Production goes live at Cadillac Palace in Chicago, Illinois! Audiences will get to see this smashing version of the original 1980s film as Broadway’s best stars take on the roles you know and love to tell the smashing story that you cherish. This smashing show features the award-winning music written by widely celebrated songwriter Glen Ballard as well as incredible visuals by designer Tim Hatley. You’ll be humming along with the unforgettable music you’ll hear and you’ll feel like you’re seeing the magic of the original film as if it were completely brand new. It’s the kind of entertainment that fans are already predicting will sell out fast and become the hottest show of 2024! Tickets are still on sale so you still have time to book your seats to join the fun. Grab your skateboard and throw on your shades, it’s time to return to the 80s and see Back To The Future - Theatrical Production live at Cadillac Palace in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday 15th August 2024! Click below to buy your tickets for this once in a lifetime experience!

A 1980s American classic comes crashing into the theater stage from cinema history in this wondrously crafted production! Following its successful series in both Broadway and West End, Back to the Future - The Musical will be burning rubber throughout roads in both time and space in its North American tour during this summer of 2024. Save the date on Thursday 15th August 2024 'cause the tour will be visiting Chicago LIVE at the renowned Cadillac Palace!

“I have to admit that the car alone might be worth a ticket. It fills a deep Broadway longing for large objects performing audience flyovers.”

Directly adapted from the namesake sci-fi blockbuster, Back to the Future - The Musical turns back time for the iconic pair of the groovy Marty McFly and quirky scientist Doc Brown in all their frenetic mishaps. Shout shotgun fast and experience the journey of several lifetimes as they rush against the past in their goal to save the present. The clock is ticking, so hang on tight and hear your reality speed up at 99 laughs a minute and 88 miles per hour! This universally acclaimed musical debuted in London, where it won both Best New Musical Awards from WhatsOnStage and Laurence Olivier. Now, it announces an anxiously overdue path toward the heart of America!

Official casting is still under development. Check back with us soon for breaking news!

In terms of off-stage production, Back to the Future - The Musical employs multi-awarded director John Rando at the helm, with extensive cooperation from co-creators/producers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale. Apart from original songs, the musical will also perform an astoundingly rousing score from GRAMMY and Emmy Award-winning duo Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard.

Located in the cultural center of Chicago's city of Chicago, the distinguished Cadillac Palace will lend its stunning stage to the production, with countless rows of five-star seats available. It boasts fantastic sightlines and lighting for the best visual experience, in addition to finely tuned acoustic balance to emphasize the event’s bouncing symphonies. Buy your reservations ASAP for Back to the Future - The Musical LIVE at the Cadillac Palace on Thursday 15th August 2024!

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