Back To The Future – Theatrical Production at Cadillac Palace Theatre

Back To The Future - Theatrical Production Tickets

Cadillac Palace | Chicago, Illinois

Fire up your flux capacitors and get ready for the unrivaled musical reimagining to come to Broadway this summer! Because on Tuesday 13th August 2024 you could join crowds of movie fans in seeing Back To The Future - Theatrical Production live at Cadillac Palace in Chicago, Illinois! This impressive new version of director Robert Zemeckis’s classic film has already earned countless awards and favorable reviews. Join Casey Likes and Roger Bart as they take on the roles of Marty McFly and Doc Brown in a story that's been cherished by audiences since the 1980s. It features music written by six-time Grammy-Award winner Glen Ballard, one of Broadway’s best unrivaled producers and songwriters. As well as work by critically acclaimed and awards recognized designer, Tim Hatley. It’s everything you could ever want from a summer Broadway smash that will leave you thrilled and craving for more! But if you don’t want to be left in the past, you have to book tickets to Back To The Future - Theatrical Production before it's too late. And you can do it today if you Click the buy tickets link below, so you can order your tickets to see Back To The Future - Theatrical Production live at Cadillac Palace in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday 13th August 2024!

A classic American film comes swerving into the spotlight from the silver screen in this spectacularly tailored production! Following its sold-out series in both West End and Broadway, Back to the Future - The Musical will be leaving skid marks throughout paved roads and spacetime in its tour in the US during the 2024 summer season. Save the date on Tuesday 13th August 2024 because the engagement will be visiting Chicago LIVE at the famed Cadillac Palace!

“The story remains an extremely enjoyable romp, with chuckles aplenty; the stagecraft is a wow, especially with regards to the DeLorean… Where this musical is going, you don’t need roads.”

Directly based on the eponymous sci-fi blockbuster, Back to the Future - The Musical turns back time for the rag-tag duo of the feisty Marty McFly and eccentric inventor Doc Brown in all their comedic mishaps. Get dibs on shotgun fast and relive the adventure of a lifetime as they race against the past in their goal to fix the future. Time is counting down, so hold on tight and hear your world speed up at 99 laughs a minute and 88 miles per hour! This widely acclaimed production first debuted in London, where it clinched a Laurence Olivier and WhatsOnStage Award for Best New Musical. Now, it plans an eagerly anticipated route to the center of the United States!

The official casting for this event is still TBA. Check back with us soon for breaking news!

On the creative side of things, Back to the Future - The Musical employs multi-awarded director John Rando at the helm, with extensive cooperation from producers/co-creators Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale. Apart from movie-original hits, the event will also perform a stupendously jaw-dropping score from Emmy and GRAMMY Award-winning partners Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri.

Situated in the cultural district of Chicago's city of Chicago, the distinguished Cadillac Palace will impart its stunning backdrop to the visiting musical, with countless levels of deluxe seats available. It presents stellar views and lighting for the best aesthetics, plus finely tuned sound fidelity to accentuate the event’s rolling symphonies. Get your tickets now for Back to the Future - The Musical LIVE at the Cadillac Palace on Tuesday 13th August 2024!

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