The Wiz at Cadillac Palace Theatre

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Cadillac Palace | Chicago, Illinois

The Wiz

Must have a little smidge of excitement in your life? Then look no further! The Wiz is back on the stage for winter, 2023...this is HUGE for fans! It's been long awaited and now book your seats! Tuesday 5th December 2023, The Wiz will play none other than the best theatre house in state and you'll be there! The impressive Cadillac Palace, Chicago, Illinois! This is bound to be a sell out tour so if you want to be at the big night in December, act fast! With ease Click the 'get tickets button this instant!

Coming to the theatre shows us how to express ourselves more often. It develops our ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings to others through directly watching a story unfold in front of us, improving our relationships and also improving the whole world around us. Theaters all over the state have been delivering these incredible events to audiences and creating breathtaking memories. And the Cadillac Palace is no different, putting on amazing shows every single week, including the recent arrival of The Wiz on Tuesday 5th December 2023! So why not come down and experience some incredible theater?

The Wiz at Cadillac Palace

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