The Lion King at Cadillac Palace Theatre

The Lion King Tickets

Cadillac Palace Theatre | Chicago, Illinois

Its pretty obvious THE LION KING is the top show on the road for fall, 2022, or even the decade….the Disney classic is definitely going to be an enjoyable experience for all! The huge hit 1994 classic is well adapted to stage with the most incredible ratings around. Surprise the kids down at the epic, Cadillac Palace, Illinois Chicago on Sunday 20th November 2022. Cadillac Palace is close to all the hot spots, so worry not. You can buy entry for this Sunday evening in November, today direct on this page, scroll up to the 'GET TICKETS' icon, press this instant!

Looking for a decent night out in November? THE LION KING is known to most of us in great detail, the childhood classic gave us memorable hits such as 'The circle of life' and 'Hakuna matata'…. that captivating and heartbreaking tale of the little Simba running away from the pridelands after his fathers tragic death and the uplifting journey back to where he belongs is enough to keep us on the edge of our seat throughout – working wonderfully as a stage adaption, theatre goers cannot get enough, returning year after year – THE LION KING, musical, MUST be doing something right correctly! Witness this musical wonder with your own eyes in theatres on the fall, 2022 tour of the states in the awe-inspiring Cadillac Palace, Illinois, Chicago on Sunday 20th November 2022. The 'supreme musical of the decade' is closer than you think, just click the GET TICKETS' icon to secure yours now, Sunday evenings never felt so good!

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