The Lion King at Cadillac Palace Theatre

The Lion King Tickets

Cadillac Palace Theatre | Chicago, Illinois

Don’t let the slow Saturday routines get you down, especially since the 5 Tony Award Winning, The Lion King Musical will be coming to the breathtaking Cadillac Palace in Chicago, Illinois for a live theatershow. This unforgettable night of entertainment will feature some of the premier talents this side of the country with their unique blend of elite training and cultural influence which makes this Saturday 7th January 2023 the best chance you have at experiencing elegance, style, and raw talent and passion. The Lion King Musical draws in sold-out crowds at all of their shows and wins new fans at every performance. Already critics are naming this event the must-see show of 2023. So if you want to break away from your dull Saturday routines, then the Cadillac Palace has the solution for you. Click the Buy Tickets button below to make sure you can catch The Lion King Musical live on Saturday 7th January 2023 at the Cadillac Palace in Chicago. Tickets are already selling out fast so make sure you don’t miss out and buy your tickets today.

THE LION KING is is on stage once more for winter, 2023, its definitely considered one of the, if not THE top broadway productions of all time, a stage adaption of the 1994 Disney classic, THE LION KING is everything its cracked up to be….impeccable production, an outstanding cast, those iconic songs….expect 'The circle of life', 'I just can't wait to be king', 'Hakuna matata' and so many more. Its captivating, so emotive, yet wonderful and entertaining, its the perfect family surprise, the kids will love it! THE LION KING, stops off in Chicago, Illinois, on Saturday 7th January 2023, hosted by the incredible, Cadillac Palace for a night of musical joy, don't miss out this January! Cadillac Palace is the perfect theatre for the evening, you'll love it! Tickets won't be around forever, so get your tickets now, just follow the 'get tickets' icon!

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