The Lion King at Cadillac Palace Theatre

The Lion King Tickets

Cadillac Palace Theatre | Chicago, Illinois

THE LION KING is unmatched to any other musical, it its reminiscent of a 90s childhood and has so many songs we already know and love, its both upbeat and tearjerking with with multitudes of vibrant life, it's the musical you knew you needed, right from the beginning until the uplifting ending, THE LION KING promises an entertaining extravaganza for everybody. Touring once more for winter, 2022 the Illinois, Chicago leg will be held at the magnificent Cadillac Palace on Thursday 15th December 2022, renowned for being the best theatre house in the city. TICKETS AVAILABLE now, to book yours for a Thursday night to tell your friends about this December!

THE LION KING is back for winter, 2022, its easily considered one of the, if not THE unrivalled broadways ever, a stage adaption of the 1994 Disney classic, THE LION KING is everything its cracked up to be….directed beautifully, such a talented cast, those well known tracks….expect 'The circle of life', 'I just can't wait to be king', 'Hakuna matata' and countless others. Its captivating, so emotive, but brilliant and memorable, its the perfect family surprise, a bit of nostalgia for mum and dad, some fresh and exceptional viewing for the kids! THE LION KING, comes to Chicago, Illinois, on Thursday 15th December 2022, playing at the awe-inspiring, Cadillac Palace for a night of musical joy, don't miss out this December! Cadillac Palace is the perfect venue for the job, you're young to be in safe hands! There are limited numbers of tickets available, so get your access now, just press the 'get tickets' button!

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