The Lion King at Cadillac Palace Theatre

The Lion King Tickets

Cadillac Palace Theatre | Chicago, Illinois

THE LION KING – the huge hit classic motion picture and stage adaption is back for winter, 2022! It's just 'epic', say fans on social media, the 'best' of its time critics have said and that much attention and the huge number of awards speak volumes! Come see for yourself on Wednesday 7th December 2022 at the magical Cadillac Palace, Illinois, Chicago for a Wednesday night the kids will get their teeth into, it'll be the best event of the year! TICKETS FOR ALL SHOWINGS AVAILABLE TODAY! Follow the 'GET TICKETS' link immediately to buy yours for December!

musical to watch in December? THE LION KING is known to most of us in great detail, the 90s Disney hit movie gave us memorable hits such as 'Can you feel the love tonight and 'Hakuna matata'…. that captivating and heartbreaking tale of the young lion fleeing his home after the kings untimely death and the inspiring return is enough to keep us on the edge of our seat throughout – working brilliantly as a stage version, theatre goers cannot get enough, returning year after year – THE LION KING, musical, MUST be doing something right correctly! See this musical wonder with your own eyes live on stage on the winter, 2022 US tour in the incredible Cadillac Palace, Illinois, Chicago on Wednesday 7th December 2022. The 'leading musical in theatres' is closer than you think, just select the GET TICKETS' icon to grab yours this instant, Wednesday evenings should always be feel good!

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