The Lion King at Cadillac Palace Theatre

The Lion King Tickets

Cadillac Palace Theatre | Chicago, Illinois

THE LION KING is unlike any other musical, it its reminiscent of a 90s childhood and has an abundance of familiar hits, its a mixture of tears and laughter with with multitudes of vibrant life, it's the broadway show you've been waiting for, right from the beginning until the uplifting ending, THE LION KING promises a captivating experience for all. Back on tour for winter, 2022 the Illinois, Chicago leg will be held at the unsurpassed Cadillac Palace on Sunday 4th December 2022, renowned for being the finest theatre in the city. TICKETS AVAILABLE now, to book yours for a Sunday night to tell your friends about this December!

Guess whats back for huge winter, 2022 states tour, the astounding 'THE LION KING'! We know you think it's the leading!? Is there ever a dull moment in the classic LION KING? Can you remember all the hits? Hakuna matata…Can you feel the love tonight…they are all stuck in our minds from our early 90s VHS marathons, so can you imagine seeing this in live action? This is a firm favourite for all, the award winning musical will have you in total awe. The all star cast, incredible effects and THAT list of memorable hits is certain to make this Sunday evening in December one you'll remember for years to come. Get yourself along to Cadillac Palace, Illinois Chicago on Sunday 4th December 2022. Cadillac Palace has a range of, the greatest facilities, boulle be in total comfort! Now, secure your entry today by pressing the 'GET TICKETS' link – AVAILABLE NOW, so hurry up!

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