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Cadillac Palace | Chicago, Illinois

The Illusionists

We all need a reminder of the magic of the holidays, to come together with our loved ones and to celebrate the beauties, joys and spirit of the festive season. On Sunday the 26th of November 2023 the best entertainment act around will be at the Cadillac Palace Theater – The Illusionists. Renowned for their startling, astounding, surprizing and gravity defying acts, they are the group of magic makers you need to experience live. Tickets are on sale for their famous ‘Magic of The Holidays’ show and are in high demand. Don’t miss out and book your seats now before it is too late! It will be an unforgettable show full of sparkle, but also the intricate and skilful craftmanship of a troupe that truly understands the meaning of magic. Be there and book now for 11/26/2023 at the Cadillac Palace Theater and be reminded of the magic of the holidays.

In January 2012 The Illusionists launched onto the stage of the Sydney Opera House with a sell-out season that had 31,000 people flocking to experience their show in just 9 days. They became an immediate hit and have been ensnaring audience across the globe for over a decade. The Illusionists have repeatedly given audiences live shows that dazzle and shine amidst all the other shows live on Broadway and in their touring shows, giving a fresh power to the stage and magic. Their mind-blowing shows are a spectacle that must be seen to be believed and entwine all the traits of the mystical, magical and mysterious of live magic.

Now, your chance is here to be a part of their special ‘Magic of The Holidays’ 2023 show. They will be taking over the Cadillac Palace Theater, Chicago, on the 26th of November and will be giving their show all the yule-tide festivities and magic of the holiday season, but adding their own pizzaz, sparkle and magic to create a truly special experience that will have you and your whole family gasping in surprise and delight.

Five members of the group will be there, ready and excited to share their talents – Jamie Raven, The Magician, magical Youtube sensation and Britain’s Got Talent runner-up will give his personal flair to tricks of the magic trade, with Andrew Basso, The Escapologist, giving the famous Houdini a run for his money (with no covers he can perform the infamous ‘Water Torture Cell’), and Colin Cloud, The Deductionist, mixing mind magic and brain science to create scenes where you cannot say no or look away from. As if that wasn’t enough, Kevin James, The Inventor who has created some of the most celebrated illusions in the last hundred years will be there, and The Warrior, Ben Blaque, physical master extraordinaire, who can shoot an apple off his own head blindfolded (!) will be finishing the line-up.

It will be a show that celebrates the magic of the holidays, but also magic itself, and how it unites people, so make sure you’re there and book now!

The Illusionists at Cadillac Palace

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