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Cadillac Palace | Chicago, Illinois

The Illusionists

This holiday season, celebrate the JOYFUL spirit with a MAGICAL Broadway production!!!!

The Illusionists - Magic of the Holidays is making its way to Chicago, Illinois, with magic, amazement, wonder, and a show that will appeal to all ages. The Illusionists are set to enchant audiences with brand-new acts just in time for the holiday season. Your eyes will be fixated on the stage for the entire 2 hours and 10 minutes as you attempt to understand the astounding illusions and acts being performed.

Are you ready to kick off the holidays with the craziest magic show of the year? We are sure you are! Head onto the Cadillac Palace Theatre in Chicago, Illinois, on Wednesday, the 22nd of November, 2023, for an unforgettable night of spectacles! The several talented illusionists with a wide range of acts will surely make it worthwhile. Purchase your tickets right now before the show sells out.

Cadillac Palace Theatre, the home of Broadway in Chicago, Illinois, is hosting the hottest and most scandalous magical production this year. With a seating capacity of only a little over 2,000 people, expect a show that is more intimate that will enable you to connect with the performers on a different level. Plus, the upcoming event heavily relies on audience participation and volunteers, so this may be your chance to get on the stage with some of the biggest magicians in today’s generation. The Illusionists - Magic of the Holidays is a touring magic production that features a rotating cast of 5 to 8 magicians who all specialize in specific branches of magic, from stage illusions to mind reading to escapology and comedic magic.

“Amazing show with talented performers. The humor was outstanding and hilariously funny. Great show!” - Wendy Lynaugh, Fan Friday

“The show was excellent! 2 hours of mesmerizing entertainment. [I] would strongly suggest for others to attend.” - Dave Rice, Fan Friday

This holiday season, The Illusionists - Magic of the Holidays is setting the stage on fire (figuratively) at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. This Broadway magic production is only one of its kind - the reason why families flock from all over the nation every year just to get a glimpse of this marvelous event filled with jaw-dropping tricks, mind-boggling illusions, and some life-or-death scenarios - making this wondrous event something you will never forget about. The show welcomes people of all ages because of its ability to entertain all age brackets. Who doesn’t enjoy magic tricks and illusions, right?

For a very limited period of time, the show will be live in Chicago. This is your only chance to experience one of the greatest Broadway magic show productions. Finally, get the opportunity to catch The Mentalist, The Daredevil, The Mastermind, and many more live and in action! Even with camera close-ups, you’ll never be able to tell their secrets and illusions.

Gather all your loved ones, friends, and family, and join the show! This is the perfect way to enjoy the holiday spirit and bring back the magic of Christmas. Don’t think - buy your tickets right now before the show sells out!

The Illusionists at Cadillac Palace

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