Back To The Future – Theatrical Production at Cadillac Palace Theatre

Back To The Future - Theatrical Production Tickets

Cadillac Palace | Chicago, Illinois

The doors of the Cadillac Palace will open up on the Tuesday 20th August 2024 for a unforgettable showing of Back To The Future - Theatrical Production. The Cadillac Palace is excited to be hosting the musical that has been holding audiences’ hearts since 2020. Since it’s first showing at the Manchester Opera House, Back To The Future - Theatrical Production has become a techno, song-filled live show that tributes the famous cinematic movie, ‘Back To The Future’. Places are currently on sale, so book now before your chance has gone. Travel alongside Marty and Doc as they go through time to erase past mistakes and make a better future, whilst singing the ups and lows of their grand venture. You will have a blast that will take you into the past and the future with Back To The Future - Theatrical Production, so get your tickets now and be at the Cadillac Palace on the Tuesday 20th August 2024.

If you haven’t heard about Back To The Future - Theatrical Production then you’re missing out on one of the biggest Broadway surprises of the year. Because no one could have imagined that Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale’s original film could have become one of the rising stars of musical theater. But savvy critics and long time Broadway fans will tell you that it shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. After all, the original film told an inspired vision of time travel that had never before been seen. With second to none visuals and second to none and timeless writing that has enchanted generations of filmgoers for nearly 40 years. And Back To The Future - Theatrical Production at Cadillac Palace in Chicago, Illinois takes that proud and tested tradition to a bold new direction. It features second to none music and lyrics written by six-time Grammy Award winning songwriter Glen Ballard and the visionary talent of Director John Rando, And since it first premiered at the Manchester Opera House in 2020, the musical has won fast love from fans and awards recognition including from the 2022 Olivier Awards, the 2022 WhatsOnStage Awards, and the 2022 Broadway World Awards. And what better place to take this famously successful show than Cadillac Palace in Chicago, Illinois? Especially considering that countless fans come to Cadillac Palace on every opening night for the best shows in town! That’s why you can’t wait too long this chance to buy your tickets to see this second to none production!

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