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Company Cadillac Palace TheatreMarianne Elliott’s sensational revival of COMPANY is coming back to the stage this year! The 5-time Tony Award winner is hailed as the 2022 “Best Musical Revival,” and Elliot was awarded “Best Direction of a Musical.” The well-loved musical has been around for half a decade, originally premiered as Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s groundbreaking musical comedy. It earned a record-breaking 14 nominations and 6 wins in that year’s Tony Awards.

This new version of Company is uber special, with gender roles having been reversed. It’s so good it might even get you thinking it’s better than the original. Deadline even said, “its attention-getting gender-switching premise brings a freshness and nuance that’s nothing short of near-miraculous.” Hurry up and buy your tickets right now to save seats for you and your friends!

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“Deeply funny. Easily the funniest Company I’ve ever seen. A MOVING LIVING MEMORIAL TO THE LATE STEPHEN SONDHEIM.” – The Washington Post


“Finally, a smart, funny, human revival about the highs and lows of being alive that actually feels alive.” – New York Post

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This ground-breaking new production of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s musical comedy is directed by three-time Tony Award winner Marianne Elliott (War Horse, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Angels in America). The production is part of Elliott & Harper Productions’ debut season, a company formed by director Marianne Elliott and producer Chris Harper. The revival made a major switch with the protagonist, making it a woman instead of a man. The production also features a same-sex couple. So yes, this Broadway revival is fit for modern times.

In Marianne Elliott’s Company, the plot stays true to the classic story from Stephen Soundheim. It goes like this… On Bobbie’s 35th birthday, a group of her friends—all of whom are married or in some other relationship—assemble for a surprise party. Bobbie has been warned about this and has no intention of attending. In a series of flashbacks, Bobbie encounters each of the couples and other friends, thinking about the benefits and drawbacks of being in a relationship. The production draws on themes of dating, adulthood, marriage, and a bit of loneliness – but still overall happy.

In the original production from 1970, Bobbie was actually Bobby (a male), who was portrayed as a hollow shell of a man – searching for something to fill him up. The new and improved protagonist Bobby is sardonic, flirty, and deeply charismatic—everything about her screams “strong and independent woman,” and we’re here for it. Other roles in the production were also switched, including Bobbie’s ineligible romantic prospects. We’re telling you—there’s something satisfying about watching Bobbie’s trio harmonize “You Could Drive A Person Crazy,” and you get the feeling of a nice payback from men losing their heads over a noncommittal woman rather than the reverse.

“The gender swap is ingeniously, thoughtfully implemented and, after a year in isolation, the story’s ruminations on the necessity for aloneness and the importance of connection hit harder than ever.” – Juan Ramirez, Broadway World

“Director Marianne Elliott’s sensational new revival is surging with fresh electricity and burnishing its creators’ legacy with an irresistible sheen.” Naveen Kumar, Variety

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The success of this Broadway revival of Company can still be attributed to the late Soundheim, with award-winning songs like “You Could Drive a Person Crazy,” “The Ladies Who Lunch,” “Side by Side by Side,” and the iconic “Being Alive.” The catchy tunes paired with a feel-good production and an energetic cast make Company one of the best musical productions you could ever go to if you’re looking for something to uplift your mood. With its orchestra conspicuously suspended in the top portion of the proscenium and producing lush, precise instrumentals, the production expertly highlights Sondheim’s iconic score. Personalized vocal arrangements for the artists provide fresh interpretations of well-known songs.

“SENSATIONAL! It STRIKES LIKE A LIGHTNING BOLT! silly and sophisticated, intimate and in tune with the currents of modern life, brilliantly conceived and funny as hell… “Company” is the best of what Broadway has to offer adult theatergoers” – Naveen Kumar Variety

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Vox wrote about the revival and said, “One of Sondheim’s greatest gifts was to write a show so layered and so meaty that whatever context you see it in, it will feel tailor-made for that moment in time, as though no one could have ever done it any other way — right up until the next time you see it done some other way. He found collaborators who were willing and excited to change his work. Marianne Elliott’s Company will remind you of both. It will leave you sorry-grateful, regretful-happy.”

The premiere of Elliott’s revival of Company made waves in the industry, with positive reviews from both critics and Soundheim fans.The award-winning revival garnered five wins at the 2022 Tony Awards, including “Best Musical Revival,” “Best Featured Actress in a Musical,” “Best Featured Actor in a Musical,” “Best Direction of a Musical,” and “Best Stage Design. It also won several Drama Desk Awards, such as “Outstanding Revival of a Musical,” “Outstanding Actress in a Musical,” “Outstanding Actor in a Musical,” and “Outstanding Director of a Musical.”

“Company is the most sophisticated fun I’ve had in a theater in ages. It’s sexy, hilarious, and hits home in a way that’s honest and shockingly resonant. Sondheim fanatics already know what a genius score it is, an explosion of wit and insight and addictive melodies.” – Davide Cote Broadway World

This year, Company will be live at the Cadillac Palace Theatre for a whopping thirteen-day run! The demand for this show is extremely high, and it seems that everyone wants to get a taste of this transformative show. You better hurry up and secure your tickets today before the show sells out. And when you’re done…

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Let’s drink to that!

“Dazzling! So vibrant, so alive!” – The Hollywood Reporter