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Cadillac Palace | Chicago, Illinois

Some Like It Hot

Looking for a show to count on this fall? How about Some Like It Hot? The Tony Award winning musical has won more awards than any other production this season, and it’s coming your way next. Some Like It Hot will be making its way across the country this fall, with a handful of dates across the country. Now’s your chance to see one of the most hyped musicals around right now, so don’t miss out! Be there to witness every second of fun this Broadway show has to offer - tickets are on sale now!!

Some Like It Hot is based on the 1959 film of the same name, which just so happened to be based on the French comedy film, Fanfare of Love. The show has only been out since 2022, but it has already stirred up the musical theater world, winning Grammys and Tonys galore. Don't miss your chance to see it right here in Chicago - tickets are on sale now, don't be late!

Taking place during the Prohibition era and beginning right here in Chicago, it follows two musicians and the journey they go on after they have to flee the city upon witnessing a mob hit. Follow them on their journey on a train across the country as they live, laugh, and maybe sing a song or two. It’s the musical everyone’s talking about, and it’s coming straight to you. Buy your tickets and let yourself get swept up in all the fun!

What’s more impressive than a Tony Award nomination? Hmmm… probably winning a Tony Award, right? Or maybe four. If so, Some Like It Hot is looking pretty good in terms of achievements - so far, it’s won four Tonys and landed 13 nominations. That’s massively impressive for a brand new musical. Not to mention, that isn’t its only set of achievements. Some Like It Hot has also won a Grammy Award and been named the Best Musical by multiple established critics in the game, including The Drama Lead, the Drama Desk, and the Outer Critics Circle. To see what all the fuss is about, get yourself some tickets to see the show for yourself on October 22nd in Chicago. Seriously, give it a try!

It’s no secret: everyone loves Some Like It Hot. On top of it being the most award winning musical of the season, it’s getting raving reviews from die-hard theater fans and critics alike for its unique charm, hilarious jokes, and addictive numbers. It’s the musical comedy everyone is talking about, and if you haven’t seen it yourself yet, you’re missing out big time. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some tickets and head down to the Cadillac Palace to see it in action. October 22nd. Be there.

Some Like It Hot is dominating the musical theater world right now. With a touching yet hilarious story and a Grammy Award winning soundtrack, what’s not to love? The hype is far from over, and now that the show is going on a countrywide tour, the fun is just beginning. Experience the joy of award winning musical theater right here in Chicago; the Cadillac Palace is the perfect place to see this whirlwind of a show, so get your tickets and get goin’!

Some Like It Hot at Cadillac Palace

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