Back To The Future – Theatrical Production at Cadillac Palace Theatre

Back To The Future - Theatrical Production Tickets

Cadillac Palace | Chicago, Illinois

This summer you’re going where you won’t need roads as you see the finest Broadway production to come to your neighborhood this August. Because on Wednesday 28th August 2024 you could join countless fans in seeing Back To The Future - Theatrical Production live at Cadillac Palace in Chicago, Illinois. This amazing and thrilling production brings the magic of the original 1980s film to the Broadway scene for a timeless and unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss. Audiences and critics already agree that Back To The Future - Theatrical Production will feel like returning to see the original film on release, but with the addition of rockstar music! Imagine seeing the finest names on Broadway take on the roles you love to bring new life to this nearly 4 decade old legacy. You’ll marvel as Casey Likes and Roger Bart take on the roles of Marty McFly and Doc Brown. You’ll be enchanted by original music written by multi Grammy Award winner Glen Ballard. And you won’t believe the vivid work done by awards-recognized designer Tim Hatley. These elements and more will juice up your Flux Capacitors and take you back to one of the most amazing and enduring films in movie history. So don’t delay because tickets may be on sale today, but they won’t last long!

In 2020, world-famous director John Rando brought the world premiere of Back To The Future - Theatrical Production ot the Manchester Opera House and audiences were thrilled. His talent for musical theater had already won him the 2002 Best Director Tony Award and Outer Critics Circle Award for his work on Urinetown the Musical, so fans knew that he could succeed on this bold new vision for Zemeckis and Gale's incredible 1980s film. Since then, the production has gone on to win favorable reviews, fan love and several awards and awards nominations including the 2022 Olvier Awards, the 2022 WhatsOnStage Awards, and the 2022 Broadway World Awards. These are incredible feats in so few months but it’s no surprise. Especially when you hear the enchanting music and lyrics written by six-time Grammy Award winner Glen Ballard! The show also features some of the best theatrical actors in the industry taking on the classic roles of Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Biff Tannen, and all the other names that fans cherish. Let’s not forget the vibrant and unsurpassed costumes and special effects designed by the most visionary names in theater. Back To The Future - Theatrical Production at Cadillac Palace in Chicago, Illinois is a masterclass in creating timeless Broadway musical and they are coming to your neighborhood this summer. So don’t miss out! Because tickets are on sale today and if you act now, you can still get the best seats at Cadillac Palace! Fire up your DeLorean, lace up your high tops, and go back to Back To The Future - Theatrical Production on Wednesday 28th August 2024!

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